Naturally Giving; Buying Gifts From Wildlife Organizations

Christmas is drawing nearer so card sending and gift buying will be well underway. Have you ever considered buying something for your child from an organization working to protect our natural resources and wildlife? Rather than doling out your hard earned cash for the latest plastic trendy toy?

Adoption Packages

There are various animal adoption packages that will send along a certificate, educational material, and often a cute little plushy for a child to cuddle into their neck and love. The following are some sites that offer exactly that:

Greeting Cards

They can get started giving out some greeting cards that support those trying to help nature like these ones from the David Suzuki Foundation. Or go to to see if you can identify the particular charity you want your money to go towards and they take care of it from there.

Symbolic Gifts

These ones don’t include the cute little stuffed animal, but you still are donating to a great cause, and often receive some sort of paper certificate at the very least.  From the Nature Conservancy of Canada you can purchase a symbolic gift where you have 9 Canadian species to choose from. With donation of a minimum $40 you receive their 2017 calendar, an 8 page species booklet and a full-colour 8” x 11” certificate. They also offer a paperless option, but I imagine since this is a gift you may want something concrete to wrap.

Find it all

Then there is the National Wildlife Federation that has pretty much all of it. Cards, Adoptions, (with the stuffed animals), ornaments, and cards they will plant a tree when you purchase, general gift items, clothing, magazines, and sale items.

What’s important to you?

You might want to browse the website of a cause you are particularly interested in. For example, I am keen about turtles so might look into a turtle adoption which includes getting to name one of their baby Blanding’s turtles.  If it’s elephants you are particularly endeared to and concerned for then through David Sheldrick’s Wildlife Trust you can foster an orphaned elephant. If it’s the rainforest you think about most check out something like the Rainforest Alliance, and look into adopting a piece of rainforest. You can specify the project you want to help out with. If it is a fundraising activity done by teachers and children, they will send you all sorts of free educational material.

There are many conservation projects out there, and their websites will direct you to online stores where they may not have the same items in stock as Toysrus, but at least you may find something unique and meaningful for your gift-giving needs. Just make sure they are legitimate, which they most likely are. Do your research. You just did some.



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