A Very Important Aspect to Remember When Going Outside

 My favorite hiking companion, Stephanie, and I ventured out this weekend onto a path that was eventually to coincide with an expansive lookout point onto Georgian Bay.

The path was rooty and mucky, and little mud pits were covered with layers of leaves leading Steph to think of them as “traps”. And I discovered this is essentially what they were when I found myself almost hip deep in one when moving to the side to allow a family of joggers to pass.

The wind blew a chill at us, and because I am especially prone to wind blowing directly into my ear canals and freezing them, earmuffs or a hat could’ve helped. The mud was sticking to the bottom of my hikers and the leaves were sticking to that so I had a patch of ground permanently attached to me. Steph, following behind, chuckled at the comic look of this. Especially when in an irritated state of mind, the conditions of nature can seem exasperating. But it’s not Nature’s fault, it’s ours.

So dress appropriately!

One thing to really keep in mind when venturing outdoors is to dress appropriately. Hats, mitts, slush pants, proper footwear, all of this can make an uncomfortable experience into a pleasant one.

I found this was an especially important factor when I was working at a childcare center. A child with paper thin gloves will become miserable fast as their little hands freeze with the cold. Educators also need to be dressed accordingly or they too will enjoy it less, and their discomfort projects onto the children. Parents will send their children inadequately prepared for the weather too, which can be frustrating for the educators who would like to take the children outside.

Having shared this bit of advice, as experienced enough hikers, we were dressed properly enough for the weather, it just seemed to be a slightly complaining kind of day for us. But then we walked through a stretch with the warm sunshine filtering in upon us through the bare trees, and Steph caught sight of a pair of pileated woodpeckers. We were at once intrigued and content to be there as time spent in natural surroundings tends to go. Just think how much more of a paradise it could’ve been for me had I something to cover my ears.

For more tips about hiking check this out.


2 responses to “A Very Important Aspect to Remember When Going Outside

  1. Great tips Les! It’s all about being prepared for weather, for conditions and life is better. If we’re not worried or bothered by our coldness or discomfort than we have more time and energy to put into enjoying our days.


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